Automotive Fleet: Ari Raptis Interview (Fleet Lessons Learned)

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I know how to move things. Between operating Talaria Transportation, National Secure Transport, and Melly Go Home deliveries, I’ve gained considerable insight into the efficient operation of a transportation company — or three. While my companies specialize in transporting high volumes of cash and highly regulated cannabis products, many lessons I’ve learned in the business can cross into other fleets. 

As anyone in the transportation industry can tell you, efficiency is everything. Here are the top lessons I’ve learned to make my fleet and logistics operate efficiently. 

Innovative Maintenance Strategies

Nothing slows operations down more than unexpected maintenance issues. In the cannabis logistics and transportation services space, we need to be ready to meet demands when they arise. To ensure preparation, we utilize a cutting-edge preventive maintenance program that always keeps our fleet in top condition. 

Talaria also utilizes predictive maintenance technologies that proactively address potential vehicle issues long before they impact operations. This significantly reduces downtime and allows us to maintain a consistent delivery pace. 

Likewise, National Secure Transport, which specializes in end-to-end cash management and logistics for cash-intensive businesses, utilizes a similar approach to maintenance. Our vehicles undergo regular detailed inspections and enhancements to keep them in line with our high standards for safety and security. 

Preventive maintenance is the key to operating at high efficiency. This concept transcends cash and cannabis industries and can help any fleet operate at its best. 

Advanced Telematics 

National Secure Transport deals with high volumes of cash and needs to be secured accordingly, so we employ advanced telematics to get the job done. 

Our fleet has real-time tracking and secure routing to provide an additional layer of security for high-value and sensitive transport. This technology enables our team to continuously monitor our vehicles and ensure that we adhere to our predetermined secure routes. Our ability to track vehicles in real-time means we can address deviations from the route and other safety concerns. 

Talaria operates similarly. We harness the power of advanced telematics for real-time tracking and driver behavior analytics to optimize our delivery routes to be fast and fuel-efficient. With this technology, we can support our commitment to safety by monitoring and coaching our drivers to adhere to best practices, even in high-stress moments when the delivery schedules are tight. 

Both Talaria and National Secure Transport are also committed to sustainability. Our route optimization telematics ensure that we follow the most fuel-efficient routes to minimize our environmental impact and honor our environmental responsibilities. 

These telematics functions can revolutionize the transportation industry and should be utilized by all environmentally conscious logistics operators. 

Focused Vehicle Conversions 

National Secure Transport’s extensive need for security has led us to meticulously upfit our vehicles. Our conversions include reinforced storage compartments, advanced security systems, and passenger-focused enhancements for comfort and safety. 

Not only do our drivers feel safe and secure when operating our vehicles, but they also feel comfortable and supported, which keeps them driving safe. 

Lessons for All Logistics 

Whether it’s the transportation of cannabis, cash, or any other product imaginable, any fleet can utilize these logistics lessons. How we convert, maintain, and employ telematics varies between Talaria and National Secure Transport, but the end goal is the same: efficiency. 

By keeping everyone safe and secure, employing preventative measures, and utilizing advanced telematics and vehicle conversions, we can operate at our highest efficiency. 

Talaria and National Secure Transport are at the forefront of our respective niches within logistics and transportation due to our proactive and strategic approaches to fleet management. By employing the above measures, we have set standards for efficiency, reliability, and sustainability that go far beyond cannabis and cash management.

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