National Herald: Ari Raptis Interview (Greek Tycoon of Cannabis)

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Talaria Transportation, LLC, a privately held company specializing in secure, compliant logistics for the legal cannabis industry, shared recent innovations from CEO and founder, Ari Raptis— or the ‘Greek Transportation Tycoon of Cannabis.’

Similar to Aristotle (Ari) Onassis— the Greek shipping magnate who changed the image and definition of shipping in the 20th century— Ari Raptis has built a powerful transportation company of his own. Alongside Talaria, Raptis utilizes a holistic approach to cover all aspects of transportation with his additional companies, National Secure Transport (secure cash management and logistics services for cash-intensive businesses and banks) and Melly Home Delivery (cannabis home delivery services). The three companies create a powerhouse of logistic solutions for the cannabis industry’s transportation needs.

The Greek Transportation Tycoon of Cannabis has rolled out several updates and innovations for his set of companies this year, including the launch of a new distribution platform in New York and New Jersey that allows the company to warehouse product and manage products for brands and dispensaries. National Secure Transport is currently expanding into seven new states to grow from 29 to 36 markets, while Melly Home Delivery is in the process of expanding into Missouri, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York before the end of the year.

“I am so proud of the work we’ve put in with these three companies to address all the unique transportation needs in this complex industry. I have to thank my hard working team for making these innovations possible each day and I am looking forward to expanding into all states with regulated cannabis markets,” said Raptis.

Focused on safety and security for a high-risk, highly regulated industry, Raptis and team have created a unique approach to risk management through advanced telematics, safety-forward vehicle conversions, the use of retired law enforcement, and the requirement of two drivers per car, among other strategies. Where Ari Onassis built a powerful fleet of supertankers and freighters, Raptis has built an unmatched, reliable fleet of armored vehicles to meet the specific transportation needs of cash-intensive industries.

Raptis’ approach leads the way for the future of secure transportation. With an emphasis on sustainability, both Talaria and National Secure Transport have incorporated route optimization telematics to keep drivers on the most fuel-efficient routes and minimize their environmental impact. In addition to environmental benefits, advanced telematics help to keep operational costs down.

Talaria Transportation was launched in 2017 by Ari Raptis— a Top 40 Under 40 Rising Star by Marijuana Venture. His combined transportation logistics companies employ more than 250 people across more than 30 states, utilizing retired police officers and military veterans to carry out all deliveries.

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